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In the last few years I have yearned for something more, something to push my creativity and challenge my mind. Through the 365 Project and Photography I have found a passion that has filled a hole in my heart. A sense of being and a meaning to my life. I hope my pictures live on forever even if only through my children and my blog.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Lighting Issues

I have been having some color issues with my pictures as a result of poor lighting and improper shutter speed. At this time I am not quite sure what shutter speed to set my camera at, so I am going to start shooting in Av mode. In this mode I control the all setting except for the shutter speed. The camera selects the proper shutter speed according to the available light. This will allow we to shoot a picture with proper color and lighting. I can then read this information to see what my shutter settings should be (The #6 Self Portrait and others up until today have been shot this way). When I feel comfortable I will switch back to full manual mode.


  1. Hey - did you get your Understanding Exposure book? I am going to get started this week...

  2. OK, I feel really dumb. I see Sharon's thread, but I don't see the title of the book. Do I order it or can I get it at a chain books store?

  3. I finally found the name of the book. My plan is to get it Friday and try to catch up over the weekend. My girls will be at their other parents, so I should be able to get a lot done.

  4. There's no catching up...just work at your own pace :)