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In the last few years I have yearned for something more, something to push my creativity and challenge my mind. Through the 365 Project and Photography I have found a passion that has filled a hole in my heart. A sense of being and a meaning to my life. I hope my pictures live on forever even if only through my children and my blog.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

#4 Color Accents

Well I tried a few shots that didn't pan out. The 60, 30, 10 theory has thrown me for a loop. I understand the concept, but am having a hard time finding stuff around the house that fits it, so I am posting a picture I took this past weekend in Charleston. I was going to save it for the end of the week if I ran out of ideas, but looks like I'll be using it today.
1/13, f11, ISO 100, 18.0mm, Saturation bumped up a little in Photoshop to compensate for the cloudy day.

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  1. Great shot of the red bridge. Of course I don't know anything about the technicalities of your photos, but I do know they are all very pleasing to view. The ice cream and the lady bug on the bag are very nice too!