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In the last few years I have yearned for something more, something to push my creativity and challenge my mind. Through the 365 Project and Photography I have found a passion that has filled a hole in my heart. A sense of being and a meaning to my life. I hope my pictures live on forever even if only through my children and my blog.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

#1 Green with Envy

To be a real egg
1/40, f4.5, ISO 200, pp


  1. Awww, man! This was my Saturday shot. That's when we're coloring eggs here :)

    I really like the angle you chose, and you have great clarity!

  2. I would like you to do something: take this shot and put it next to the shot(s) from when you just started this project, and tell me what you see!

  3. Chris I totally understand what you are getting at. When I started I had no clue how to use the settings on my camera or how to get the proper exposure. This blog and the UE study have helped me so much. I just can't thank everyone enough! :)